Ortona strives to enrich the lives of those in the community for personal excellence, through gymnastics.

Ortona Gymnastics Club has been a pillar of the Edmonton sporting community since 1976. Countless groups of children and adults have made their way through the doors of this non-profit organization, both living and learning the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and personal development. Among Ortona’s alumni are important leaders in government, industry, and academia, all of whom were shaped in part during their formative years at the Ortona Gymnastics Club and under the Bubble. The excellent experience that they have had is made manifest in the generational relationships that have been developed – their children are oftentimes seen walking through our doors, coming for the same great experience that had such a positive impact upon them. And, since we the Club opened in 1976, that commitment to offering the same rigorous, fun, challenging and beneficial experience has not ever wavered.

Currently, Team Ortona is undergoing a transformation in both philosophy and in methodology, becoming more than just a regular, run-of-the-mill gymnastics club. Ortona’s vision sees recreational gymnastics as one facet of a larger picture – a picture that is diverse and comprised of many interrelated activities.

The programming is actively diversifying to reflect that reality, and in doing so, children, youth and adults are offered an opportunity to both grow within the programs and to expand their current physical and intellectual repertoire. Now if skills or interests are outgrown, there are other things to try. In that way, Ortona puts into action the belief that participation in physical activity is a valuable lifelong and expanding endeavor.

Some of the opportunities that you can now experience at Ortona include: Recreational Gymnastics, KinderGym, Competitive Gymnastics, Recreational and Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling, Teen Gymnastics, classes for individuals with disabilities, Adult Gymnastics, Open Gym and many more. Encapsulating the grassroots to elite sport development within our own program delivery, which aligns with the vision of GO Sports operating within the Saville Community Sports Centre


Ortona Gymnastics